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Founded by Australian Film Institute (AACTA) award-winning actor, writer, director and producer Clayton Watson (Matrix 2,3) in 2008, CW Productions looks for unique and boutique projects, scripts and talent that have the ability to deliver an audience experience like no other. Coupled with private acting tuition, corporate team building and on-set producing, CW brings 34 years experience in the industry.


Clay's 2024 film credits include The Cost, Kane and Fear Below and has a broad range of knowledge across multiple platforms. CW's services include full scale production with hand in hand development, to delivery of completed commercially viable products. Known for his on and off set team balance skills and a truly honest approach to film making, Clay has invaluable contacts in the film industry in Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, London and numerous countries around the world.


Having lived in LA, NY, Sydney and Europe for quite some time and having the world's 5 top agents on his contact's list, CW's service are highly sought after to deliver quality. 

Why Birdy Putt Putt? This industry is about hard work, diligence, no ego, and a humble, slow but sure progression.

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