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An organised bank robbery of seven men in the small city of Bendigo turns to horror when the robbery is tapped by the local authorities months in advance. In order to take down Sandro, the infamous leader of the crew, the police department turns to a deranged, rebellious cop to put a stop to the heist. After he is called out of early retirement, Johnny Black has a taste for blood. Relentlessly, he takes matters into his own hands and begins a horrific manhunt on each of the seven bank robbers. Roland Montel, an occasionally schizophrenic 26-year-old is left with his sideman, Checkers to escape their gruelling fate, trying hard not to lose their minds in the process. Does the punishment fit the crime? Is there another reason behind the brutality of these murders? Can anyone, including the police, stop Johnny Black from slaughtering every single one of them?



Lucy Green, a young and vulnerable 19-year-old barista, trapped in a hopeless job while her friends pursue their dreams, watches her aspirations stir away into cups of coffee. As an amateur Instagram model and content creator, Lucy is desperate for the opportunity to kick-start her career and rise to fame... although, it's never that simple. She is soon contacted by AuzzyCam, a modelling company that takes advantage of Lucy's innocence and inexperience, twisting her dream of becoming a fashion model into a violent, erotic nightmare. Lucy is forced to lie to everyone close to her, including her large Instagram following in order to keep up the charade that she's become the success she promised them she'd be. We follow her as she is pushed to her limit, beginning to lose herself as she descends into a spiral of insanity.



Johnny Caruso, nephew and godson of the infamous Don Caruso, is forced to move to New York from Catania after the tragic death of his father. Johnny seeks wealth and success in the city that never sleeps, but before he can act on his ambition, he is coerced into the family business. Reluctantly accepting the life of a gangster, Johnny soon becomes indispensable, the right-hand of a very powerful man. After Johnny meets the beautiful Marianne, he reaps the benefits of the good life, until the lines between love, respect and business clash, leaving Johnny with an impossible choice - her love, his uncle, or his life.


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