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Unsharable is a true Bondi, Sydney, Australia story

A FICTIONAL TALE that questions our very real non-fiction relationship with fame, media, advertising and politics, while following a motivational guru – Sydney Kane – from nobody, to somebody, to messianic icon...(more details later)Styled like a documentary, it is a satirical drama (with a sci-fi touch)that offers attention-grabbing showmanship and intelligent subversion.It is my commentary on the elements of culture that I feel have gone haywire. It is sprawling. And it is, by the end, transcendental



Imperial Fox documentary wins major award!
Imperial Fox

The inner workings of one of the top salvage companies in Australia and arguably the world.


Pristine Water Noosa, Australia turns on the water taps

The Australian Government's new assessment criteria for pristine water in all rental properties launches in 2024.


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