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"Acting is as much a craft that must be shaped to suit each actor's style and project as it is a business." Clay.


Clay on set as lead Benny in 2024's "Kane"

As much as acting should be a fun process, it takes building a dedicated process and a business to get there. Clay and Renai, although having acted alongside many names and in big budgets, provide a humble, down to Earth shaping process to their workshops.


Having now garnered over 1000 clients in team building workshops and acting lessons, CW provides dedicated and highly structured lessons that can include anything from camera work to finding an agent. With the ability to help actors at any level from beginner to A-list, the focus is on what is required individually or creating a team environment which mimics on-set environment and working as a whole to create something memorable. The possibilities are endless and so is the support.

Intensive workshops are available for those who need structure, vision and the invaluable tools required to be listed on casting calls further on when ready to tackle the industry. One on one workshops for accent training, character work, script breakdown and performance are available in person or remotely also.

To enquire about any of the above and costs please send an

e-mail on the Contact page. If you need more info feel free to call anytime Mon-Thu 9am-4pm AEST.

Clay in Matrix 2/3

Clay in The Cost 2023

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